Behind the Lens

My love for photography first began when I was on the yearbook staff at my high school. While there I learned the basics of  photography and how to develop film (yes, in a dark room). From there my love and interest just grew. I am mostly self-taught with just a handful of formal training under my belt. I have also been lucky enough to befriend an array of very talented photographers and artists that have been willing to share their "secrets" with me along the way.

Photo above courtesy of Billie Bush Photography

Amanda is a Proud Member of the PPA

Camera Bag Contents:

Nikon D5000 (plus a backup camera)
Nikkor 50 mm/1.4 (plus a selection of professional lenses and flashes)

Small Studio Setup w/ various props and backdrops

Editing w/ Photoshop CS5 & Photoshop Elements 8