Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Polaroid

As most of you know a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Boudior shoot with Aliyah from Alimond Photography here in Georgia. Let me tell you ... it was HOT! Aliyah is so personable and very good at making her clients feel comfortable in their own skin. It was also fun, educational,  and inspirational to see how another photographer rocks their camera. As a matter of fact ... here is a pullback of Aliyah in her element.

TIP: If you ever have a chance to work with another photographer on a shoot ... do it! At first I thought it would be awkward and tense working with my competition,but it was actually a very fun, inspirational, and educational experience! We played off of eachothers' ideas and talents and came up with some really great ideas and poses. I hope I get to do something like this again sometime soon.

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  1. Wow Amanda!! you are the best. haha, I feel like a superstar! I loved this post <3 I agree with you, I think working with other photographers will only help you become a better one yourself. Thanks for joining me and I'd love to work together again soon! =)